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The Supercomputer service is based on the Eiger production partition on Alps, the HPE Cray EX supercomputer operated at the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (ETHZ/CSCS).

User Portal

The CSCS User Portal provides general information regarding the use of systems operated by CSCS:

  • Getting access
  • Running and optimizing jobs
  • FAQs and useful links to tools, events, tutorials, and the CSCS Service Desk

User Guide

The Alps (Eiger) User Guide provides detailed information about the system and how to use it:

  • Latest news on system maintenance
  • System architecture, hardware specifications, file systems
  • Programming environment
  • How to run jobs, available applications


For help in using the Supercomputer, please contact Science IT.

Is the Supercomputer service the right choice?

The Supercomputer system is only an efficient choice if your research workflow requires at minimum 128 CPUs/cores at a time.

If you do not use at least 128 CPUs/cores at a time, or if you're unsure whether this level of resources would be helpful, you should first benchmark your workflow via the ScienceCloud or the ScienceCluster.