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How to transfer volumes between projects

Step 1: Initiate the volume transfer

Go to the "Volumes" tab under the project that currently owns the volume and locate the volume in the list. Click the "Create Transfer" button under the dropdown arrow next to the "Edit Volumes" button to begin the process.


The volume of interest should be detached from all VM's and show "Available" as its Status.

Create Transfer button

Step 2: Name the transfer

Provide a name for the volume transfer then click "Create Transfer".

Name the transfer

Step 3: Record the Transfer ID and the Authorization Key

Record the Transfer ID and the Authorization Key before you close the page. These details are required to complete the transfer.

Name the transfer

At this point the volume should show the "Awaiting-transfer" loading bar.


Step 4: Accept the volume transfer from the recipient project

Go to the ScienceCloud dashboard of the project that will receive the volume and click the "Accept Transfer" button.


A new window will appear titled "Accept Volume Transfer"; input the Transfer ID and the Authorization Key into these fields then click the "Accept Volume Transfer Button".

Accept Volume Transfer window

The volume should then appear in the recipient project and will be removed from the original project.

Alternate Option: Using the Command Line Tool

If you would prefer, you can instead use the OpenStack CLI tool to perform volume transfers. Directions can be found here.

Last update: March 17, 2023