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How to make your snapshot usable by other members of your project

Step 1: Cleaning up the Image

Before you make the snapshot, you may want to delete some local settings such as ssh authorized key, bash_history, and some customization scripts from your image. Here we describe the steps that should have been carried out for this purpose.

  1. Remove authorized key from your ssh agent:
    > ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
    Note: Once you remove your public key from the authorized_keys file , you won't be able to login back to the instance.
  2. Remove authorized key from 'root' ssh agent:
    sudo su -
    > ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
  3. Delete the following folders recursively
    sudo rm -r /var/lib/cloud/data/*
    sudo rm -r /var/lib/cloud/instances/*
    sudo rm -r /var/lib/cloud/instance/*
    sudo rm -r /var/lib/cloud/handlers/*
    sudo rm /etc/cloud/uzh-customization-script
    sudo rm /var/log/*.log

Step 2: Creating the Snapshot

  1. Log in to
  2. On the Project tab, open the Compute tab and click Instances category.
  3. Select the instance of which you'd like to take a snapshot.
    1. Click on Shutoff instance
    2. Click on Create Snapshot
    3. Snapshot Name: Give a descriptive name to your snapshot
    4. Click on Create Snapshot
  4. Your snapshot will be displayed under Images.
  5. You should then follow the directions in this how-to article to turn your snapshot into a usable image.