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How to access Windows VM using Remote Desktop (RDP)

This guide covers the basic steps to get a Windows VM Instance up and running in the web-interface then connect to it.

How to enable a Windows remote desktop on ScienceCloud

You can access your VM via Remote Desktop, but you have to enable this feature first.

  1. Go to "Access & Security" in the ScienceCloud portal, change to the tab "Security Groups" and create a new Security Group. Give it a meaningful name and description screenshot

  2. On the rule just created group, click on "Manage Rules"

  3. Click on "Add Rule".

    • Change the Rule to "RDP".
    • Select the Remote CIDR (default).
    • Enter the IP-Address (Range) from which the Instance should be accessible (by default the whole UZH network).
    • With the VPN you get a UZH IP address: if your VM has an IP starting with 172.23.x.x it is ok to leave the field
    • Click on "Add" to finish the Rule Management screenshot
  4. Go to Instances and launch a new Instance.

    • In the "Access & Security" Tab, add the just created Security Rule.
    • Add the network you want to use and launch the Instance screenshot
  5. As soon as the Instance is up and running, click on the Instance to see an overview.

    • Change to the "Console" Tab and click on "Click here to show only Console" to connect to the Instance. screenshot
  6. Log in to Windows and create a new password when prompted. Click on No when asked about network devices. screenshot

  7. When the Desktop appears, right-click on the start button and click on "System"

    • Click on Remote Settings
  8. Change the radio button to "Allow remote connections to this computer"

    • Click on "Select User" and add other Users who should be able to remotely connect
  9. Search the "gpedit.msc" file and execute it. E.g. Windows Key + R => gpedit.msc

    • Click your way from the "Local Computer Policy" through "Computer Configuration", "Windows Settings", "Security Settings" and "Network List Management Policies" to the available Networks.
    • Double-click on "Network", go to the "Network Location"-tab and set the "Location type" to "Private"

Now you should be able to connect to your Windows Instance via RDP.