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ScienceApps are the interactive, browser-based interface to Science IT's ScienceCluster infrastructure.

With ScienceApps you can:

  • Launch interactive Jupyter, RStudio or Matlab sessions for data analysis
  • Access the filesystem of the ScienceCluster to download or upload files from the browser
  • (Jupyter) Interactively develop a machine learning model on a GPU before running it on ScienceCluster
  • (Jupyter) Access powerful GPUs for deep learning with multiple, simultaneous computations

Refer to the User Guide for instructions on how to begin a session.

Getting Access

If you are an existing ScienceCluster user then you already have access to ScienceApps.

With a private browsing window from either Firefox or Chrome, visit You will be redirected to the standard UZH login page. Follow the instructions to complete the login process with your AD account


You can change your AD password with the UZH Identity Manager.

Getting access to the ScienceCluster

You'll need to be granted access to the ScienceCluster. Please consult the Science IT web pages for instructions how to get access to ScienceCluster.