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Training Overview

We are pleased to announce the ScienceCloud training program: a regular set of training events aimed at providing you with a better understanding of how ScienceCloud works and how you can use it to improve your research.

The training program targets both ScienceCloud end-users like researchers as well as IT coordinators that provide services to their respective groups.

The program will cover a broad range of topics starting from the very basic introduction to ScienceCloud to a more complex and advanced use of the infrastructure.

As the number of attendees is limited, we recommend that you register well before the event. More information about the ScienceCloud training, including registration, can be found at this page.

Handout Material

Here is the handout for the ScienceCloud training.

Do you want to discuss a specific topic ?

If you would like a specific topic to be discussed and presented in one of our next training events, please contact Science IT.