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Prepare for the Training

There are a few steps that every user must take before attending the Science IT training events. As such, please follow the instructions below: 0.

1. Verify access to ScienceCloud

As most of the training will be run on ScienceCloud, it is important that you have a valid access to the ScienceCloud Web Interface and to UZH internal network. To be authenticated in ScienceCloud dashboard and APIs you have to use the "uzh shortname" and "WEBPASS" credentials. In order to connect to ScienceCloud virtual machines used during the training you will need to be connected on the UZH network.

In case of a remote training session

If you plan to connect from outside UZH then you need to use UZH VPN. Without the VPN you will not be able to connect to the virtual machines used in the training.

Please verify your credentials before the training begins:

  • Log in to using your UZH Fullname and password
  • You can manage the password for WEBPASS and/or VPN using the "change password" section
  • Once you are in the Change Password section, select only the password(s) you need to manage and submit the change password form

If you do not have access to ScienceCloud it will not be possible to login in the ScienceCloud dashboard.

More information on UZH IT credentials can be found here.

In case of trouble you can open a ticket at the UZH Self Service Portal. In case of any issues, please inform us beforehand by contacting Science IT.

2. Setup your work station

On the computer you will be using for the training (either your personal laptop or the provided workstation), you need to start:

Please verify that the computer has connectivity to the Internet.

3. Setup your SSH keypair before the course

You need to have created an SSH keypair, and have it ready on the computer you will be using for the training. This is covered in an OLAT (UZH e-learning platform) minicourse in detail.

4. Take a look at the rest of the training material before the course