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Supported Images

On ScienceCloud, you don't have to install the operating system when you start a new virtual machine. Instead, we provide bootable disks ready to use, so that within one minute you can login to your new instance. These are called images, and are basically files containing bootable virtual disks. We provide some basic images, but you can also create your own and upload it to the cloud.


IMPORTANT: Whenever you terminate an instance, its root disk as well as ALL your customizations are deleted. The base image, however, is never deleted.

Table of supported images

Image Name Default user (for ssh access) OpenStack image id Additional information
***Debian 12 (2023-11-06) debian 74557738-976b-4fd8-9544-d6d4341cfc53 Distribution nickname: "bookworm"
***Debian 11 (2023-11-06) debian 322dac87-ff31-4e65-969e-9649cb04e7b0 Distribution nickname: "bullseye"
***Ubuntu 22.04 (2023-11-06) ubuntu f2bccd0c-4342-4119-92a9-2b8cd018ac1b Distribution nickname: "jammy"
***Ubuntu 20.04 (2023-11-06) ubuntu ddbdff26-2e6a-4a57-be14-9c227bc343ea Distribution nickname: "focal"
***Singularity on Ubuntu 20.04 (2023-11-06) ubuntu 29b948ab-aa03-448e-a758-00e6da9eeae0
***CUDA+Singularity on Ubuntu 20.04 (2023-11-06) ubuntu 94fbfc16-58b0-4841-9469-ddeaf68454b6 to be only used for GPU flavor - Nvidia drivers and cuda libraries preinstalled
CentOS 9 (2022-11-04) cloud-user 3da8d576-75eb-4440-8413-019a69de511f
CentOS 8 (2022-11-04) centos 73bde4e3-eb75-49b2-a129-f3197b0c2bbc
Debian 11 (2022-11-04) debian 519d160d-0943-43cc-a716-55aabeddd895 Distribution nickname: "bullseye"
Debian 10 (2022-11-04) debian e10646a0-bca9-4a36-aff5-276d4b68a5a3 Distribution nickname: "buster"
Ubuntu 22.04 (2022-11-22) ubuntu 686453ef-5979-48b8-a134-11789e10eaa1 Distribution nickname: "jammy"
Ubuntu 20.04 (2022-11-04) ubuntu 7bbc042a-c403-42a0-85bf-5e85d108dc55 Distribution nickname: "focal"
CUDA on Ubuntu 20.04 (2022-11-04) ubuntu 82d95309-1c23-49b7-bafe-4d29e4aee6a1 to be only used for GPU flavor - Nvidia drivers and cuda libraries preinstalled
Singularity on Ubuntu 20.04 (2022-11-04) ubuntu 6454db3e-e91b-435f-abc9-c00258583354
CUDA+Singularity on Ubuntu 20.04 (2022-11-04) ubuntu 7f2ed0ef-455d-4844-bb27-680d45594231
Windows Server 2016 Standard - x86_64 (2018-10-17) c336ec04-6ddd-4259-8a91-619aeeb62ae2
 Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard - x86_64 (2018-10-17)    fc05f3ee-cbc5-42a5-a90a-b641345b30a5  

How to switch to new supported images from the ScienceCloud web-portal

If you use the ScienceCloud web-portal to launch your instances from the ScienceCloud web interface, simply select the new image instead of the previous one.